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The all new
Vscan Air™

A wireless handheld ultrasound that enables whole-body scanning and delivers crystal-clear images.
Vscan™ Family

Meet the Vscan
Product Family

The Vscan family of handheld ultrasound solutions – Vscan Air and Vscan Extend™ – enables clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care.

Two transducers. One probe.
Easy to use. Every day.
Clear images for informed decisions.
Support in every scan.
Backed by GE Healthcare.

Vscan Extend

A general purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system that can enable trained professionals to visualize and measure anatomical structures and fluid.

Vscan Air

A wireless, lightweight handheld ultrasound system that enables the flexible Performance of whole body scanning and delivers crystal-clear images.
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Dr. Yale Tung Chen
Emergency Medicine Physician
Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid, Spain)
Clinical user perspectives
„Quicker and more confident clinical decisions“
Prof. Laurent SALOMON
Gynaecology-Obstetrics Department of Prof. Yves Ville. CHU Necker Children - Patients, University Paris Decartes
Clinical user perspectives
„I can obtain relevant information within a minute“
Lead for Echocardiography
Bart´s Heart Center
Clinical user perspectives
„Fantastic vision for near patient diagnostics“

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A smart investment

Backed by the power
of GE Healthcare

When you invest in the Vscan family, your investment is backed by the power of GE Healthcare’s history in handheld ultrasound excellence and innovation. The dual-probe uses the same piezoelectric transducer technology as GE Healthcare's leading ultrasound brands.
Installed in 100+ countries
Backed by 200+ clinical papers
Used in diverse clinical specialties and care areas
30,000+ units globally

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