The Benefits Of A Portable Ultrasound Device

Ultrasound devices are a mainstay of the medical profession, used routinely to peek inside the body’s most important tissues and structures. Where technicians were once relegated to sifting through granular resolutions and significant artifacting before arriving at a clear image, modern ultrasound machines have consistently improved in image quality and processing speed. However, a major drawback of such powerful ultrasound machines is their unwieldy size. 

It’s clear, then, that the advantages of smaller, more maneuverable, and even wireless ultrasound devices for medical facilities of every kind, then, are many —  as long as picture quality isn’t sacrificed. Fortunately, portable ultrasound devices like Vave are robust, handheld imaging solutions that are easy to pair with even a smartphone. The advances in ultrasound technology they use are set to revolutionize the work of medical professionals.

The Versatility of Portable Ultrasound Devices

Portable ultrasound devices are flexible enough to be used all across a health facility and in multiple medical fields. Almost any ward currently using ultrasound technologies could benefit from incorporating portable ultrasound into their practice. Take the example of cardiology. According to the European Association of Echocardiography, portable ultrasound solutions similar to ones like Vave can be used to: 

The Vave ultrasound solution itself comes with four different imaging presets: cardiac, lung, abdominal, and obstetrics. Users can adjust the brightness of the imaging themselves, and the images from our handheld device are high quality. 

Providing a Boon to Efficiency and Patient Flow

Most medical professionals are familiar with challenges arising from understaffing and patient overcrowding. There are days when “delay” seems an inevitable part of the process — only so many people can be seen, only so many problems addressed, and only so many ultrasound requests processed.

When you refer someone for imaging, the clinician and their reasoning process are left alone for a time.  A sonographer obtains the image, a radiologist or cardiologist interprets the image, and the clinician gets back a report.  Depending on the site, this may or may not have much clinical history integrated with the results & discussion of differential diagnosis.

Portable ultrasound devices mitigate these issues by allowing medical professionals to obtain their own images, interpret those images, and clinically integrate them at the bedside with the patient.  The reasoning all happens there, transparently, at the bedside, without having to wait for the rest of the system to take place.

When focused imaging requests can be handled directly by the healthcare provider, they’ll only need to send to imaging those referrals that actually warrant it. Handheld ultrasound devices have been shown to positively influence the workload of technicians and free up resources for more critical care needs, improving care and patient flow.

Making Healthcare More Accessible

Even minor tweaks to the efficiency and affordability of a health clinic are worthwhile.  Portable ultrasound devices have the potential to improve clinical efficiency, reducing overall costs. Fast imaging also increases patient satisfaction, which could potentially mean higher quality health services across the board. 

Portable ultrasound solutions could also better engage patients in their own healthcare, and a patient’s willingness to help in their own care is a vital part of their success. When patients have a clear visual depiction of their condition at hand, they may be more likely to engage in discussion regarding their diagnosis and treatment. Portable ultrasound devices like Vave can give you that flexibility and more. 

Facilitating Quality Care

When using portable ultrasound devices, the hope is healthcare that is simultaneously leaner, more high value, and more compassionate. Those benefits are passed on to medical professionals and their patients alike. Portable ultrasound devices may be small, but increasing healthcare workers’ ability to focus, accurately diagnose, and refer in a timely manner is no small thing. 

Vave was purposefully designed to streamline patient flow. It’s possible to reproduce its images on a smartphone or a computer terminal and then easily wash the probe and sanitize it for the next patient. With its lithium battery, it’s good for more than an hour of continuous imaging, allowing medical professionals to keep providing the care their patients need.

The Takeaway

Though ultrasound technology is a key component of care in modern healthcare facilities, performing the right imaging in a timely manner with easy-to-read results still proves to be a challenge. Portable ultrasound devices like Vave are able to eliminate that challenge by giving medical professionals access to the diagnostic tools they need, right in their own pockets.

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