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The Only Premium Hospital Bed Designed For Your Home

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The Only Premium Hospital Bed Designed For Home Use

Evergreen Approach
What Is The Evergreen Approach?

Hospital Beds For Home Available In Canada and USA – Home Hospital Beds and Luxury Medical Equipment – Buy Hospital Bed in USA and Canada Today

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luxury electric hospital bed company

giving greater comfort than semi-electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed

quality home medical equipment in the United States and Canada.

delivering home medical products throughout North America daily

Like the majestic Sequoia tree symbolizing strength, security and resilience, SonderCare uses the Evergreen Approach to provide safety, comfort and greater independence. Learn more about SonderCare and the Evergreen Approach!
Home Hospital Beds

The SonderCare™ Bed is like nothing else on the market today. Designed to conform to the latest international standards, this product provides you with a sense of safety, comfort, and greater independence than standard flat or adjustable beds.

Innovative Mattresses

SonderCare offers the Comfort™ and Dream™ pressure reducing mattresses that provide exceptional comfort, support and durability for health care communities and home care settings.

Luxury Lift Chairs

SonderCare’s fully-electric Rise & Recline Chair supports users in shifting from a sitting position, to fully reclining flat and then boosting up to standing when desired – this chair helps support comfort as well as safe mobility.

Luxury Lift Chairs

SonderCare’s fully-electric Rise & Recline Chair supports users in shifting from a sitting position, to fully reclining flat and then boosting up to standing when desired – this chair helps support comfort as well as safe mobility.

Quality Walker Rollators

SonderCare premium rollators are the ultimate lightweight, ultra-stable rollators to keep you secure and comfortable in any setting. The Ultralight Carbon and the rugged Aluminum models are both ergonomically designed and adjustable to suit the needs of every user.

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Read Our Medical Equipment Testimonials

Christa Schlechta
Should you ever need a hospital bed, SonderCare is the place to go to. Not only is the bed beautiful and functional, but the service is 5 star. From the first phone call, to fast delivery and set up, SonderCare was very professional in all aspects of the purchase. Every question was answered, concerns were listened to and accommodated. I have never had a better buying experience. Thank you SonderCare.
Scott Kaleyta
I purchased the Aura bed and Dream mattress to replace an older, manually operated, hospital bed for my wife. She loves everything about it, especially the fact that she can raise and lower the bed to make it safer to get in and out of bed. As a caretaker, the ability to raise the bed makes my life much easier. From my initial inquiry, to the moment they delivered and installed the bed, it has been a great experience. Thank you SonderCare. Scott
Monica Prieto
My parents are getting older and they needed new bed frames that would work with their adjustable mattresses. These look great and the frames look like real beds. They are definitely high quality and they came out and got them installed perfectly. My parents wanted the beds to be side by side so they customized them so they could sleep next to each other. My dad has an issue that requires he sleep at an angle to avoid acid from returning down his throat and this bed allows us to tilt it to the perfect angle! No more raising the back of the bed with lifts, or having to buy mattress adders underneath to raise the head board 6 inches. We just lift it to whatever is comfortable for my father, and now he can get into his bed. Our old ones were too tall. These lower dramatically to the floor so you can adjust it so it's easier for your parent to get in and out of he bed. He can now actually put himself to bed which he couldn't do with his old adjustable bed frame. The side rails are great and seem very durable. Dad uses them to pull himself into position. I'm very happy we invested in these. I would recommend taking a good look at these if your parents are needing new beds to help them get in and out. They will make a big difference.
Salim Garcia
Our family highly recommends this team of professionals, Ben,Kyle and the rest of them, took care of us from first contact like we were family, they answer all of our questions and were very reassuring throughout the entire process, they offer solutions to our concerns and gave us very much needed pice of mind when we need the most, we would recommend Sonder Care to anyone looking for in home care equipment their line of products is high quality and they work like a dream! Thank you guys. The Garcias
Francois Labelle
Great service! Staff very flexible in accommodating handicapped friend with structured payments over a year, staff removed old bed and chair free of charges. Top quality equipment.
Claudia Hatch
I just wanted to share that this bed is wonderful. The delivery men were nice and efficient. Pleasant if one needs a bed such as yours. It makes for a sense of home furnishing, not health issues. I am glad to have found you and your bed. Thank you.
Bryan Kerdman
Brilliant customer service from Victoria. Well versed on the product; great recommendations; no upselling; very efficient. Follow-up order had no errors. Great recommendation from Amica Bayview Village.
Cassandra Walker
It’s for my parents they keep falling out of the bed they are in there early eighty married over sixty years they have peoples insure and Medicare advance insurance
Julie Schwartz
Very smooth delivery and set-up. Customer service was the best I have worked with in years. Attentive and responsive. Mom loves it and shares it is very comfortable. Highly recommend!


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