Meet The Feather Chair

At only 13.5 lbs., the Feather Chair is the lightest wheelchairs on the planet. Taking advantage of brand-new materials, the Feather Chair is both super light and durable. Practically everyone can lift this wheelchair into your car, truck or SUV. and is super easy to propel and push.

3 Reasons to Buy a Lightweight Wheelchair

It's Super Lightweight

Anyone can lift this chair

It Folds Up Very Small

It can be stored almost anywhere: The wheels pop-off, allowing this chair to easily be put in the trunk of a car, a closet, or even in the conner of a room.

Hand Breaks

For additional safety and ease of use for a caregiver


Reg: $799.00

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Rob M

"Amazing how light it is and how comfortable! it has exceeded my expectations!”

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Folds Quickly for Easy Transport

Transporting the Feather Chair could not be easier. The chair folds down into a compact package. The Feather Chair is designed a two-fold compact system First, fold down the backrest and then pull up on the middle of the seat for the chair to fold super tight to 28" x 29" x 15". Optional, pop-off / Pop-on wheels allow a caregiver to remove and replace the larger, back wheels with the push of the button.

Locking Wheels for Safety of the Rider

Standard features include wheel locks - easily accessible by the seated user - at the front of the frame. Wheel locks prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward or backward this is useful especially when getting in and out of the chair. For the caregiver, there is an integrated braking system, operated by bicycle style locking brake levers located at the push handles. These handbrakes provide the caregiver control, security, and convenience when descending or pausing on a slope.

Easy Carry Bag

The lightweight wheelchair has an optional exclusive carry bag that makes transporting the wheelchair even easier. This bag is great to keep in your car or office and allows the caregiver to quickly break down the wheelchair and store it protected until its next use. The bag also makes long term storage a breeze if used only occasionally or as the primary wheelchair when kept in the trunk of a car or back of another vehicle.

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Reg: $799.00

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