Medical and Pharma

Pharma quality raw materials, such as solvents, active ingredients and excipients for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other medical and pharma industry agents

Raw Materials for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

We offer all logistic and storing services and solutions for medical and pharma industry, and deliver required raw materials even with tight schedule. We have prioritized the reliability of delivery to ensure that your production can continue without interruption.

From Telko you will get special plastics for medical devices alongside with solvents, Ethanol, Acetone, and other chemical raw materials, and, for example, pharma quality excipients. Our specialists help you with product support and to meet the regulation and safety requirements in medical and pharma industry and manufacturing. With Telko as your supplier you will always be up to date with your raw material documentation in the ever changing regulatory environment.

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Our cooperation process for great results

  1. We will determine your problem or an opportunity to make improvements to your product.
  2. Our experienced plastics specialists will develop a solution that fits your need perfectly. .
  3. We make the deliveries rapidly and in a flexible manner serving you locally.

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When you need industrial chemicals quickly, reliably and competitively, contact us to enquire for their availability. You will get personal service backed up with all the resources of a large organization, even if the amount of chemicals you require is relatively small.