Redoxon Double Action

Fast-absorbing, effervescent Vitamin C + Zinc tablets with a refreshing orange flavor that helps strengthen your immune system.

Refreshing orange flavor!

Drop a tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve, and enjoy the sweet-tangy flavor!

Vitamin C + Zinc

This powerful combo helps protect your immune and respiratory systems from infections and colds.


Our effervescent tablets are absorbed faster and are more easily digested than conventional capsules.

For the whole family

Everyone ages 12 & up can enjoy Redoxon’s protection and boost of energy.

Redoxon Max Energy

A multivitamin that strengthens your body's defenses and gives you a boost of energy.

Get that energy boost!

Its potent multivitamin components will help you feel full of energy.

Strengthen your body's defenses

The vitamins in Redoxon Max Energy help protect your body from diseases and infections.

High absorption

The body absorbs effervescent tablets faster that it does regular pills. Just dissolve it in water and enjoy!

A refreshing flavor

Redoxon Max Energy has a delicious, refreshing citrus flavor.

Where to Buy Redoxon Double Action

Redoxon Double Action can be found in major supermarket chains in the U.S.

Enter your zip code to find your nearest store:

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