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Csense 100 Auto Chemistry Analyzer

• Fully Automated, Random Access Analyzer for Biochemistry & Immunoturbidimetry
• Throughput of 100-120 tests/hour in 1 or 2 reagent assays
• Innovative drawer-style reagent & sample unit with on-board cooling and on-line inventory management
• 50 reagent positions and 22 sample positions which can be integrated up to 71 positions each
• Multi-functional probe for Aspiration, Dispensing, Mixing , Level Sensing and Collision Protection
• 48  reusable reaction cuvettes
• Equipped with 8 on-board wavelengths
• Automatic 6 stage laundry makes it a true-walk-away system with an ability to handle a high work load
• Extremely compact footprint to save lab space
• Offered with a range of Ozosense system packs with excellent onboard performance
• Extremely powerful yet easy to use software 

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What is a Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer?

When it comes to getting the human blood or other body fluid samples for testing, the thing that becomes tedious is the actual analysis of each sample to test for any anomaly. In traditional times, these tests were indeed done manually where a human technologist studied each sample thoroughly for results. Though with time it was acknowledged as a task that takes too much time and effort while not allowing more than just a few samples to be tested and analyzed every day.

Therefore, a need for an automatic biochemistry analyzer was realized to carry out all the necessary testing without any or minor human interference. This was seen to improve the overall analysis efficiency and time cycle. A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer would ensure that the work is done completely by the machines while producing effective and accurate results.

How do Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers Work?

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzers measure the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, or even drugs in the provided samples of urine, blood, serum, plasma, or other body fluids. The machine consists of a tray where the samples are loaded to be tested. The tests are programmed either by the bar-code scanner or manual entry.

Once the tray is loaded with a sample, a medical dispenser collects a certain amount of sample and sends it over to the reaction tray. After this process,a certain amount of water rinses the dispenser and then the reagents stored inside the machine are released into the reaction vessel. The new mixture attained is carried out in either of the two areas: calorimeter or flow cell. If the mixture goes to the calorimeter, the absorbance can be measured there while it remains in the reaction vessel. In the case of flow-cell, the mixture is sent to flow through the calorimeter to measure the absorbance. This way the analyzer can calculate the relevant concentration.

The entire test once completed produces a report with precise diagnosis through a printer or on-screen display.

Key Features

  1. You can get random access to reports and go for direct results reading on the screen
  2. Automatic washing process instilled to clean the sample and reagent vessels/trays
  3. Very easy to use and user-friendly system
  4. System packs if available (recommended) improve the results reliability
  5. Super reliable instant cooling system for reagent tray for temperature maintenance
  6. Independent thorough reagent and sample mixing procedure
  7. Low water consumption (less than 20 L a day)
  8. Alert provision for abnormal absorbance detection
  9. Works in combination with Windows OS depending upon the latest version

Medsource Ozone provides Best Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzers

Medsource Ozone has been working in the industry for a long time now and their dedication towards technologically improving the sector through top-of-the-chart machinery is profound. This can be seen with the greatest collection of Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers made available for the use of diagnostic labs. Especially for entry level automation, Csense 100 as an instrument is fully automatic, discreet type with random access provision and STAT sample priority feature. It has a remarkable throughput of up to 100 tests/hour in any combination of reagents (single or double). Its remarkable research and utilization of measuring principles like turbidimetry and absorbance photometry, has made it one of the best analyzers to be considered.

All in all, this analyzer has proved its worth with its best operations that can be evidenced by the reviews of the technicians and clinical testers. With Medsource Ozone putting its all into ensuring that it gets to the labs and clinics precisely is what makes it the more reliable choice while looking for one.

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