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Ultrasound reinvented again, for you.
For use by qualified and trained healthcare practitioners.
Powered by the world's only Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology.

+More than you imagined

+More clarity

Ultra-fast imaging with the clarity you need to make your best decisions.

+More power

With a new optimized battery, iQ+ gives you more power for longer.

+More control

Perform guided procedures with ease with new Needle Viz™.

+More durability

iQ+ has been reinforced to endure your toughest shifts.

We’ve joined forces with the American College of Cardiology.

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One probe,
whole-body imaging.

Butterfly's Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology replaces the traditional transducer system with a single silicon chip. That means one probe that can emulate any transducer–linear, curved or phased.

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Easy-to-use software with powerful features.

1 probe, 20 presets

A few taps to adjust preset based on what you’re scanning.

4 imaging modes

Scan using B-Mode, Color Doppler, M-Mode, and Power Doppler.


The world’s first integrated ultrasound telemedicine platform.

Auto Bladder Volume

Auto-calculate bladder volume with 3D visualization.

OB calculations

Perform gestational age and amniotic fluid index calculations.

Unlimited HIPAA-compliant storage

Scan, upload, and store all your studies in one place.

Collaboration and sharing

Text or email de-identified studies directly to colleagues for a consult or to patients so they stay informed.

Connect to your PACS

With our step-by-step guides, you can easily connect to your PACS, VNA and Qpath™ systems.

Our mission

A new era of healthcare for everyone.

We support organizations across the world who are using Butterfly iQ in low-resource settings to create sustainable healthcare, one iQ at a time.

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Seeing is believing. Watch the Butterfly iQ in action.

What members are saying.

4.8/5500+ App Store ratings

Outstanding tool for medical education and patient care

Wonderful clarity of images in a very intuitive interface. This will change the game of mobile ultrasound market in terms of quality, portability, connectivity, interface, and cost. Students love it, residents are begging for it, and faculty are demanding more access to this technology. A big boon for the bedside ultrasound community. Thanks.

Game changer

I have been using the Butterfly iQ since it’s been available. It has become an integral part of my practice, both inside the office and the hospital. The image quality and preset features combined with its potential is amazing.

Sliced bread with butter!!!

BiQ is a powerful, super practical, easy to use, easily portable clinical tool. Nice clear images, hyper-fast boot. So well designed! And, with a frequency range 1-10MHz, you will be ready for the most satisfying POC diagnostic bedside tool. I love it. My BiQ is my daily clinical care (ED, ICU, floor, anywhere needed) and education tool. It’s always in my pocket.