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Crystallization filter - Dissolve at elevated temperature / RT, crystallize out at lower temperature, and filter to obtain higher pure CBD. After multiple filtration, 99% pure CBD crystals can be achieved. 1.The reaction and filtration are separated, greatly reducing the loss rate. The common crystallizer on the market cannot be filtered to 99% purity due to the problem of CBD loss. We can do this successfully. 2.The filter part can be pushed out, and the upper and lower parts are fast opening, fast opening, fast reclaiming, easy operation, safe and fast. 3.Fit common process design, reasonable structure, beautiful layout, simple operation, low height, suitable for almost all laboratories or workshops. 4.There are two options with condenser and condensing solvent tank, and without condenser and no condensing solvent tank. Flexible matching reflects high cost performance. 5.Customizable UL explosion-proof motors and ABB inverters. 6.Optional magnetic coupling seal, coupled with a large condenser, the solvent will not leak a trace. 7.Choose TOPTION crystallization filter reactor, 70% cbd oil out of 99% high purity cbd crystal, value increase more than 29%!
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Crystallization Reactor