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Viatom 3 in 1 protable handheld wireless ultrasound scanner : Linear + Convex + Phased Array Probe,  ultra-clear image, ultra-long standby, to meet the needs of all-day work.

| 3 in 1 portable ultrasound


  • Latest digital imaging technology provides accurate data and high-definition images beyond traditional desktop ultrasound machines.

  • 3 in 1 probe can realize the transition from shallow scan to deep scan without switching.

  • Built-in independent Wi-Fi module, which can realize delay-free image transmission without the external network, reduce data transmission delay and improve image clarity.

  • The ultra-wide frequency coverage of 2.5/3.5/5/7.5/10Mhz and scanning depth of 20-305mm are suitable for whole body examination.

  • Ultrasound scanner software supports German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages, which also has built-in measurement packages for heart rate, rate, area, etc. The puncture function supports in-plane and out-plane and multi-angle flipping of images.

  • 4200mAh.3.7V super-large lithium battery, standby time ≥12h, supports wired and wireless charging, carry out ultrasound scanning anytime and anywhere, improve treatment efficiency.

Wireless 3 in 1 Ultrasound Scanner
Triple Headed: Convex, Linear and Cardiac Probe

C10t wireless 3 in 1 portable ultrasound system is designed to simplify the use of the instrument without sacrificing functionality. 3 in 1 probe include convex probes, straight probes and cardiac probes. Doctors only need to adjust the ultrasound software to complete the probe replacement.

Convex probe: The center frequency is 3.5/5Mhz, and the scanning depth is 90-305mm. Suitable for abdominal and pelvic organ scanning, FAST scanning, pleural effusion scanning and lung ultrasound scanning.
Linear probe: The center frequency is 7.5/10Mhz, and the scanning depth is 20-80mm.Suitable for the examination of superficial organs such as breast, thyroid, lymph nodes, etc. and blood vessels such as a carotid artery, upper extremity artery, lower extremity artery and other small organs, musculoskeletal examination.
Heart probe: The center frequency is 2.5/5Mhz, and the scanning depth is 90-160mm. Suitable for cardiac ultrasonography of the heart and thoracic arteries and ultrasonography of intracranial blood vessels.

Ideal solution to support Intraoperative monitoring, bedside monitoring and traditional diagnostics.

Viatom C10t Wireless 3 in 1 portable ultrasound app enhances imaging capabilities with advanced imaging algorithms that automatically adjust to create outstanding images. Scanning parameters can be adjusted via a simple and intuitive multi-touch interface: adjust depth, gain, power and color. The gain step size can be switched between 30-105db for adjusting the brightness of the image. PRF supports 1.25K-4k in order to adjust the color of the image.
C10t supports 5 imaging modes of B, B+M, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, PDI Doppler, puncture function and more than 20 presets. Just swipe finger to choose from over 20 presets for lungs, heart, abdomen and more in seconds.


Premium-Quality Image On Palm

The volume of C10t is 157(H)*70(w)*30(d) mm. The size of the smartphone allows the Viatom C10t wireless 3-in-1 ultrasound to be comfortable and easy to control in the operator's hand, which can be used anytime, anywhere, improving the operator's sense of convenience. The compact design allows the entire 3 in 1 portable ultrasound to be placed in a sterile bag for a completely sterile environment, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination and surgical contamination.
With portability and flexibility, Viatom C10t  as a supplement to traditional ultrasound equipment can perform quick inspections in scenarios where a variety of large traditional ultrasound equipment is inconvenient for inspection. Portable wireless ultrasound equipment can be provided to more departments under the same budget to improve the clinical screening rate which not only expands the examination scope of the ultrasound department also brings more and more specialized business to the ultrasound department.

Pioneering in Wireless Technology

Based on the wifi+5G remote ultrasound diagnosis system, ultrasound doctors can remotely diagnose patients with complex diseases. 

Medical staff can manage and share ultrasound scan results with patients through ultrasound software anytime, anywhere. The image supports real-time saving and arbitrary enlargement. The video resolution can reach up to 1000 frames, and supports manual and automatic playback. Doctors can save cases and print reports with one click.

Wireless 3 in 1 ultrasound takes ultrasound scanning in medical institutions to a new level, helping medical staff to make quick and confident assessments anywhere, and also promotes better application of ultrasound medicine in primary hospitals, allowing more patients to receive economical and efficient examination and diagnosis.

Emergency inspection of each department in each place

Primary/Elderly Medical Physical Examination Screening


Visual puncture guidance in clinical operating room

Ultrasound teaching daily drill

Maternal and Child Health Prenatal Care

Construction of remote diagnosis medical system

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| Specification

B:Length, Area/Circumference, Angle,Trace,Distance,GA(CRL,BPD,GS,FL,HC,AC), EFW(BPD,FL) B+M: Heart Rate, Time, Distance, LVID( LVIDd, LVIDs, EF, SV) B+PW:Velocity, Heart Rate(2), S/D, Depth
Abdomen. Gynecology. Obstetric. Cardiac. Urology. Kidney. Lung. Thyroid. Small parts. Pediatrics. Vascular. Carotid. Breast. MSK. Nerve
Display Mode
B B+M Color PW PDI
Weight (g)
Dimensions (mm)
Convex:90~305mm Linear:20~80mm Cardiac:90~160mm
Convex:3.5/5Mhz Linear:7.5/10MHz Cardiac:2.5/5Mhz
Convex/Linear/Cardiac Single head